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Dr. Drew Gorman-Lewis, 
Dr. Zoe Harrold, 
Mikaela Hertle, and 
Libanos Redda
From my experience as a student mentor, co-instructor and teaching assistant for 6 courses, I have developed the philosophy that students should leave a course having gained three things: (1) a greater appreciation of big picture and broad impacts driving interest in the course material; (2) an expanded scientific knowledge base; and (3) more developed critical and creative thinking skills. 



 Student Mentor, MSU, 2014-2015
Geomicrobiology (ESS 313) Teaching Assistant (TA), UW  - Fall 2013

Instructed lab sections on redox chemistry, general microbiology, precambrian rock lab, the scientific method and presentation skills.  Prepared lab lectures, assisted students with final project development, updated lab assignments and generated a lab exam.

 Co-Teaching Fellow, Colorado College - Spring 2012

Encouraged and mentored students in pursuing their academic interests.  Created a stimulating learning environment by encouraging students to think critically and creatively about earth systems and how they affect everyday life.  Prepared daily lectures, assisted students with in-class work, led class discussions, helped develop assignments.

 Student Mentor, UW - 2009  to Present

Mentored fifteen (15) undergraduate and high school students in successful geomicrobiology research projects. Students and their achievements include: Mikaela Hertel – co-authored two peer-review publications, Libanos Redda – received a full ride scholarship to UCSC, Pete LeDoux – employed at environmental consulting firm, Jared Butler – accepted into graduate school in Long Beach, CA, Fatima Ali – Chemistry major, UW, Jenna Adams – has applied to graduate programs, Amira Haq – applying to UW honors program, Meghan Noonavath – continuing interest in science internships, Josh Creamer – industry employment, Barbara Walker – current UW ESS graduate student, Carina Edleman – best undergraduate research award.

 Introduction to Geology (ESS 101) TA UW - Fall '08, Spr. '09, Fall '09, Spr. '10

Taught three, two-hour labs each quarter. Prepared and delivered 15-20 minute pre-lab lectures. Led full day field trips. Held office hours and graded student lab work.  Provided feedback on commonly missed lab topics, made time for material review and encouraged student questions. Created an engaging environment by showing short videos germane to the lab subject and incorporating interesting geologic factoids.

 Minerals and Gems (ESS 103) TA, UW - Winter '08 and '09

Taught three, two-hour lab sections. Prepared and delivered 15-20 minute pre-lab lectures. Held office hours and graded student lab work.  Encouraged students to bring in their own gem samples for evaluation and discussion.  Incorporated factoids connecting gemology and mineralogy.

Chemistry of Global Change TA, University of Rochester - Fall '07

Graded assignments and exams. Held review sessions for exams, homework help sessions and office hours.

 Introduction to Environmental Science  TA, University of Rochester - Spring '06

Held office hours and review sessions for exams.  Helped the professor grade assignments and exams.